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Michael Harley owns Compuforms/Safeguard, a printing and marketing company in Northern Virginia. Though they provide services similar to Agile Graphics, Michael relies on us to assist when a little extra graphic design help is needed. 


Updates. Michael's client requested updates on a perforated card they'd printed regularly for years. He still wanted to do the printing, but did not want to worry with updating the design.  Agile Graphics worked directly with the client to produce a new design, and Compuforms/Safeguard took care of the printing. Their client only saw a company able to seamlessly serve both design and printing needs.

New Pieces. Sometimes existing clients want to create something new. American Truck and Trailer and Bell Flowers wanted to generate new brochures describing their products and services. Michael requested our design assistance on both pieces. Agile Graphics handled the graphic design, allowing Michael and his team to focus on printing the pieces. We worked directly with both clients to write and design the brochures. When Michael found the final files from us in his inbox, he knew he was receiving both satisfied clients and error-free files, ready to print. 

Custom Work. When Hanlon's Handyman Service approached Michael about a custom logo design, he immediately turned to Agile Graphics for assistance. We took time to work through the client's list of specific requirements for the logo and business card design, freeing Michael to run other aspects of his business. With the design process finished, Compuforms/Safeguard completed the project successfully with their professional printing capabilities.