Saskia Paulussen is a brilliant photographer. She wants to spend her time capturing the essence of individuals through portraits, not generating promotional materials. She needs ways to showcase her work online, deliver her photographs to clients and promote herself.


Website. We worked with Saskia to develop a clean and easy-to-use website for her clients. The site not only showcases her work, but allows clients to view private galleries of their photos sessions. Saskia's excellent sense of style and color informed our entire design process, while we exclusively handled the technical details of setting up the website. See the site here:

USB Drives and Sleeves. We designed USB drives for Saskia to distribute her work to clients in an environmentally friendly way. We worked with Saskia to develop a design reflecting her clean an simple aesthetic while coordinating with the drive manufacturer and printer to ensure the design printed clearly on the drives and their coordinating sleeves. Our efforts resulted in an memorable package reflecting the quality of the work it contains.

Custom Business Cards. Most business owners want cards to easily give out contact information. However, Saskia wanted to distrubute more than her website and phone number. She wanted to give potential clients a taste of her work. We collaborated with Saskia's ideas to create a folding business card. The cards contain contact information, a quote from a satisfied customer and a photograph, giving recipients an instantaneous introduction to the magic of Saskia's photography.