Erin Long is much more than a speech pathologist. She considered her challenging circumstances of frequent international moves and transformed them into a business opportunity. Erin created Worldwide Speech, an online therapy company serving the needs of clients across the globe. She needs graphics and marketing materials to promote Worldwide Speech's professional services.


Logo. Erin needed a logo to represent her company. We discussed requirements for the logo, such as the desire to appear clean, bright and energetic, while retaining a professional feel. After several rounds of review and refinement, we created a visual symbolizing the growth and renewal produced by therapy. 

Style Guide (not pictured). Establishing a logo was not enough to create a memorable impression for Worldwide Speech. Creating a style guide ensured all printed and web materials maintained visual consistency. This set of colors, fonts, graphics, textures and treatments serves as a library of resources for creating new marketing materials and helps strengthen the brand. 

Bio Sheet (not pictured). Credibilty is extremely important in the field of therapy. To highlight the acheivements and credentials of her exceptional staff, we created a biography sheet. The bio sheet is distributed at conferences and meetings and can also be emailed to prospective clients. 

Brochure. As Woldwide Speech expands, new marketing materials are needed. We adapted the original brochure design to encompass the company's additional services without sacrificing aesthetics. Now Erin has a compact and complete description of her company's capabilities to promote her work and gain more clients. As her company continues to grow, we remain ready to build new promotional materials coordinating with the existing visual program.

Fillable PDF Certificate. Erin celebrates her clients' accomplishments in therapy by awarding a certificate of accomplishment. The certificate is a fillable PDF, giving Erin the flexibility to enter the name of the client and accomplishment herself. She also has the option to print the certificate or send it electronically.

Website. Because her work happens online, a professional web presence is a must. Erin uses her website to attract new clients and detail her services as well as provide a child development resource for parents. We were able to integrate the site with both her blog as well and her online therapy portal.